Free. Free. Free.

But not exactly. I don’t monetize but by publishing I do lay claim to your attention.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Annie Lamont.


I’m Richard Careaga, often known as @technocrat (though here I was late to the party and had to settle for technocratic, a demotion to an adjective) in odd corners of the internet. I’m not the South American director/cimamatographer. Boomer, Class of ‘47, in the process of putting his intellectual/life lessons affairs in order. Some of it will be of interest to some people some of the time. Your eyes, you decide.


I don’t have a target audience in mind beyond the happy ground between TL;DR and the realm of bright, shiny objects.

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If only I were a MLB slugger


I write about what's happening in the news and sometimes the deep historical roots behind today's events. I also write about applied statistics (aka data science). For my new writing drop in at https://the-oracle-of-technocrat.ghost.io. It's free.